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HP Pavilion Desktops Coupons & Deals  How to Choose an HP Desktop PC

s3300 Series | d4996 Series | a6300 Series | a6250 & a6350 Series | Pre-built Desktop PCs
Multimedia Center m9000 & m9100 Series
The following model numbers have been discontinued: s7600e, s7600y, s3100, s3200, d4650e, d4650y, a1620e, a1620y, a1650e, a1650y, a1410e, a1410y, a6000, a6005, a6010, a6050, m8000, d4890, s3000. However they've been replaced with very similar but improved models listed on this page.

HP Pavilion Slimeline s3300 (s3300zHP Pavilion s7700e AMD, s3300tHP Pavilion s7700 Series Intel)

The HP Pavilion Slimline series model numbers were recently changed from s3200 to s3300. Great for full-function computing in small workspaces, such as dorm rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms Playing multimedia and graphics-rich applications .

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Today's s3300 (formerly s3200) Series Coupons, Rebates, & Promotions

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HP Pavilion d4996 Series (d4996tHP Pavilion s7700 Series Intel)

Intel's latest dual-core and quad-core processor technology on a full ATX motherboard translates into power and performance for you in this do-it-all PC series.

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New HP Pavilion a6300t Series (a6300tHP Pavilion a1520 Series AMD)

The Pavilion a6300t has your current and future computing needs covered, whether you'll be using it for working at home, school, or play . . . or all three. Get ready to send e-mail, browse the Web, make photo albums, organize your finances, and lots more.

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HP Pavilion a6250 Series (a6350zHP Pavilion a1520 Series AMD, a6250tHP Pavilion s7700 Series Intel)

Featuring all the latest digital technology, the Pavilion a6250t series offers powerful computing and captivating entertainment. Featuring AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors, our Pavilion a6350z series has the power to breeze through your most demanding tasks.

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Today's a6250 & a6350 Series Coupons, Rebates, & Promotions

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